Swim Testing Procedures
All children 12 and under will be swim tested and marked with a colored wrist band. Children who have been swim tested must verify their swimming ability on subsequent visits by wearing the wrist band or be re-tested. You may pick up your wrist band when you check in. Participants of any age may also be swim tested at the discretion of the lifeguard.

Children who can’t pass the Shallow Water Test will:
• Wear a red wrist band
• Stay in the shallow end (red areas) of the pool
• Wear either a coastguard stamped PFD (personal flotation device) or a provided IFD (instructional flotation device).
• Be supervised in the water by an adult or teen age 16 or older
• Children being supervised in a 1:1 ratio will not be required to wear an IFD or PFD.

Children who pass the Shallow Water Test will:
• Wear an orange wrist band
• Stay in the shallow end (orange and red areas) of the pool Children who pass the Deep Water Test will:swimmingareas
• Wear a green wrist band
• Be allowed to swim anywhere (green, orange, and red areas) in the pool.

Swimming Areas:
GREEN: May swim in all areas of the pool
ORANGE: May swim in both the orange and red areas
RED: Must stay in the red area only