Long ago, in the early 1860’s, Broomall's Run, a small stream owned by a prominent local family, supplied fresh water to the residents of Media, PA. Some years later, a dam was added creating Broomall's Lake for the sole purpose of harvestinoldshot01g ice to enable the community to store their fresh produce from the neighboring farms.

Broomall's Lake's namesake, John Martin Broomall, believed in his country and in our soon to become- Borough of Media. A civil rights activist, teacher, lawyer, judge, member of the US House of Representatives, and a friend to Abraham Lincoln, John fought against slavery and participated heartily in his local community.


Traveling forward to the year 1919, BLCC’s founding father, Frank Hadley, along with 6 other gentlemen, purchased the property to establish the Media Swimming and Rowing Club (renamed Broomall’s Lake Country Club in 1967.)

Our not-for-profit organization, created for the purpose of comradery, kinship, and the preservation of our natural resources, became an immediate sensation!

Gold Medal Olympians such as Johnny Weissmuller, Ethyl Lackie, and Duke Karanarnoku displayed their prowess in swimming and diving competitions at the Sesquecentennial Exposition of 1926 here at BROOMALL’S LAKE, and our club was host to many elite weddings, birthday and graduation parties, fun-filled luaus, corporate meetings and community events.

True to his spirit of sharing and community values, Judge Broomall’s heirs and subsequent property owners leased the lake to the Delaware County Fish Protection and Anglers Association.
To this day, BROOMALL’S LAKE COUNTRY CLUB, home to our Lake View Club House, continues to celebrate those traditions!