Rules and Regulations

(Rules & Regulations pdf)

The following rules and regulations are for the protection and benefit of all to assure safe and sanitary operation
of the pool and other facilities of the Broomall’s Lake Country Club. Your cooperation in abiding by these
conditions will afford pleasure and recreation for all concerned. Parents are requested to caution their children
to observe all rules and regulations and obey instructions of all employees.

Violation of rules and regulations will subject member to dismissal from club without reimbursement of
initiation fee or dues at discretion of Board of Directors.

The facilities will be in the charge of a Broomall’s Manager and their assistants, who will be under direct
supervision of the Board of Directors.

All persons using the Broomall’s Lake Country Club facilities do so at their own risk and sole responsibility.
The Broomall’s Lake Country Club or its employees do not assume responsibility for any accident or injury in
connection with such use or as members of the swim team. The use of the facilities is restricted to members and
authorized guests only.

Members are responsible for the conduct and compliance with rules and regulations by all members of the
household and authorized guests. Privileges will be withdrawn without reimbursement for any infractions,
abuse, or fraudulent admission.

Parents or Mother/Father Helpers/Childcare are responsible for watching children on BLCC
property and children who cannot swim in any BLCC facilities.

The cost of any property damage will be charged to the responsible member. Broomall’s Lake Country Club
and the Management will not be responsible for loss or damage to any personal property.


Members and their guests will register with the receptionist before admittance.

Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult member (18 years of age or older) or
Mother/Father helpers / CHILDCARE.


The guest policy of the Broomall’s Lake Country Club is established to:

1. Avoid any possibility of overcrowding facilities so that all members will be able to enjoy the facilities.

2. Safeguard everyone using facilities and to protect club property.

3. Avoid any possibility of adding to health and sanitation problems.

Members will be permitted to bring guests in accordance with the following rules. Family and individual
memberships: (18 years and older) are limited to the following guest restrictions unless approved by the

Any member that wishes to bring 6 or more guests at one time must first call the Broomall’s Manager and
receive approval. The club has the right to refuse admission to guests when it is in the best interest of the club.

A guest of a family or individual membership is limited to three admissions per season, unless granted special
permission from the board of directors.

Members are responsible for their guest complying with club rules and regulations. All guests must be
accompanied by an adult member and registered whether or not they swim. Special cases of admitting guests
should be referred to the Broomall’s Manager.

Hours of Operation:

Hours of operation will be posted at the pool site. The pool may be closed at any time due to either breakdown,
or other operational difficulties or inclement weather at the discretion of the pool management.

Pool Regulations:

Children are NOT permitted in the “Big” pool if they are non-toilet trained or wearing any type of diaper.
Children wearing diapers in the “Baby” pool, must also wear vinyl protective pants even when wearing leak
proof diapers.

Life preservers, small inner tubes, water wings or play equipment may be used in the main pool, only if
approved by Pool Manager. Children using these devices must be accompanied by an adult. (This does not
include instructional devices used in conjunction with training under the direction of qualified pool attendant.)
Water Wings are not recommended.

Children 12 years of age or under will not be permitted in the main pool unless such children have passed the
swim test and wear their swim bracelet. The following are the descriptions of the swim tests:

Green Bracelet - Children who pass the deep end test will wear a green wristband and may swim in either the shallow or deep end of the pool and may use the slide or diving board.
Orange Bracelet - Children who pass the shallow end swim test, but do not pass the deep end swim test will wear an orange wristband and may swim in the shallow end of the pool and may also use the slide.
Red Bracelet - Children who cannot pass either swim test must wear a red wristband, an approved flotation device (lifejacket for instructional device) and must have a parent in the water with them. Children with red bands are restricted to the shallow end of the pool and may not use the slide. If a child is working one on one with a parent for the purpose of instruction the flotation device may be removed, however the parent must stay within arms reach.

**All children 6 and under must have a parent in the main pool with them regardless of swimming ability. **
To help prevent shallow water blackout, prolonged under water breath holding or swimming is not permitted.

Diving Board and Slide Regulations:

Only one person may be on the diving board at a time. No diving or jumping toward the wall of the pool will be
permitted. Patrons are ONLY allowed to jump straight out. In the interest of the majority, and at the sole
discretion of the Pool Manager, the diving boards may be closed.

Patrons are allowed only ONE bounce on the diving board. When exiting the pool after diving, use the nearest
ladder. Diving is permitted only in designated areas.

Only one person may be on the slide at a time. Individuals must go feet first down the slide and they need to be
out of the pool before the next person gets to the top of the slide. Individuals are to wait at the bottom of stairs
before approaching the slide.

Broomall Ground Regulations:

1. All guests must be accompanied by a member and register whether or not they swim.

2. Any person using this facility does so at his or her own risk.

3. No person shall use the pool unless the pool is open and a guard is on duty.

4. No pets are allowed.

5. Running, pushing, wrestling, ball playing, or causing undue disturbance in and around the pool area will not be permitted.

6. Individuals may be barred from the pool and pool area, at the discretion of the Pool Manager in charge, for violation of rules and regulations, or for any other reason which in pool managers judgment constitutes a hazard to others or to the club

7. The pool managers/lifeguards are responsible for the strict enforcement of the rules. They have authorization to temporarily deprive any member or guest of the use of the facility. A written statement is to be filed with the board of directors with 24 hours if such action is taken and further action will be at the discretion of the board of directors.

8. Reservation’s for Pool parties (such as birthday) can be arranged at the front gate. The pool manager must approve the date. Parties must be scheduled 3 weeks prior to the event. Only two parties will be allowed on the same day. The total between the two parties cannot exceed more than 30 persons. NO PARTIES ON HOLIDAY WEEKENDS.

Food Regulations:

1. All beverages, food or refreshments served, purchased or brought into the Club must be in paper containers (no glass) and consumed on the patio area. No food may be stored in locker rooms or other areas of the building. No food or beverages may be taken into or consumed in the pool area.

2. No cooking on the grounds will be permitted by members or guests.

3. Trash and refuse must be placed in receptacles provided.

4. No Alcohol is permitted.

Hygiene Regulations:

1. Admission to the pool will be refused to all persons having infectious disease, sore or inflamed eyes, cold, nasal or ear discharges, or communicable disease of any kind. Persons with excessive sunburn, open sores, or bandages of any kind will not be permitted in the pool.

2. Unhygienic practices such as spitting will not be permitted.

3. No sweatshirts, trousers, cut offs, shirts and similar over garments can be worn in the pool. Swimming attire will be modest and in good taste.


*For additional rules and regulations please refer to the bulletin board*

**Please remember that the lifeguards are not babysitters and that parents and helpers should be supervising their children at ALL times**